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Dear, We are a company that equips your business premises or your home according to your wishes. You can go to new premises, process old or need a new workplace, and we will help you with the solution. In our company for 20 years we have been manufacturing office furniture. Our programs are: MAX, LUX, SHAPE and TECHNO. Depending on their diversity, we can equip you with both work and office offices. If you choose furniture among our standard programs listed above, we will be able to customize it within two to three weeks of ordering In recent years, the offer of office programs has also been enriched with the bulkheads of the Italian manufacturer Lafano. We always supplemented our offer with various programs of office and director's chairs, hangers and other accessories. Since 2000, we have been offering home-made furniture to our customers. The salon is now 500m2 big and offers a rich selection of modern Italian furniture. I would point out among the more well-known Italian furniture suppliers; MODUL'S cuisine, KRISTALIA dining rooms, BIMAX living rooms and bedrooms, RAUM PLUS sliding doors and built-in cupboards, MOVI 'serious' sliding and invisible doors, VERZELLONI seating sets. Make it enough for an introduction, sign up and we'll be happy to help you I wish you a nice day to continue Robert Gomišček